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Each item of cargo you are importing or exporting must satisfy official Customs formalities and regulations in order to proceed across international borders.

Having worked closely with international Customs authorities for years, our customers benefit from fast, efficient processing of their cargo through border formalities.

How does LVH actually help with Customs clearance?

Many of our global agencies can actually offer an in-house Customs clearance service. This provides an easy, efficient and legally compliant transit of international cargo without involving any other organisation or regulatory body. These agencies can:

Provide expert advice and guidance on all necessary procedures and relevant        cargo codification.

Talk you through all the Customs documentation you will need to complete for different cargo types and countries of origin/destination.

Submit import and export Customs entries on your behalf.

Authorise some Customs documentation on-site .

Provide guidance on likely Customs duty for different cargoes (based on classification code and country of origin with which you provide us).

The benefits of using LVH for Customs clearance

Our Customs clearance services ensure a smooth and transparent transportation process, minimising any unnecessary delays or expense.

Swifter processing through Customs procedures.

Reduced risk of Customs intervention for ocean-going shipments.

Prioritisation over non-AEO businesses where Customs have selected cargo for examination.

Lower risk score in Customs’ risk management systems.

With our commitment to delivering customer service excellence, at LVH we work hard to make international shipping fast, straightforward and stress-free for you at every stage of the transit.