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Inspection during production improves your control over production, allows for timely correction of defects and improvements in quality, and this is achieved through three stages

1- Inspection During Production

Control and recommendations for production processes and capacity; Inspection made when 20 % to 60% of your production is completed. The inspector checks workmanship quality, raw materials, product appearance, weight & size measurements, components & accessories, functioning & functionality, labelling& logos, packaging and other special requirements depending on the product specifications and the export market.

The unfinished products and the compliance with the initial planning of production are also verified.

2-Pre-Shipment Inspection

This inspection, the most important, guarantees the conformity of production to your specifications and international standards. The pre-shipment inspection takes place when 100% of the production is finished and at least 80% of the products packed in export cartons. The inspector checks on site the completed products, the packaging and the packing by sampling according to your requirements.

3-Container Loading Inspection

Guarantee the finished and packed goods meet your specifications (product type and quantity) and are securely loaded for shipment in their entirety.